Pink Pastel

7:58 AM

Finally, an OOTD for the month of September! You can now call me Ms. Busy Bee. Lol.
I am so sorry for being a bad blogger. :( I promise I'll try to update my blog as much as I could. 
There's just so much happenings this month! Family business + studies = STRESSFUL. 
Maybe you guys have heard about the fire at Tutuban Mall. Well, our store there was affected and we're doing our best to gain back what we lost. Dear God help us! :)

Moving on to my outfit... Mixed pastel color with a solid one. :)

Tried editing the photos! hehehe. Forgive me, I have such low skills.

Can you see those scars on my knees? Got injured during our PE class. :(

Cutesy black earrings thoughtfully sent by Hiss Bliss! Thank you so much Anne. :)
Oh and btw, you might wanna check their page out because they are selling detachable collar with gold metal tips! From 380 now at 280! Buy yours now! :) 

What do you think about my look? Comments are always loved! :)

Thanks to my mum for the photos! :)

Pink Pastel Sheer Top | Black Bandage Skirt | Black Inner Tube | Gold Necklace | 
Earrings - Hiss Bliss | Shoes - Trunk Show 

How's your weekend going? 

xx, Edda.

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  1. I love that outfit so much! You have a wonderful style :)

  2. It's super cute. Nothing wrong with the editing, either.

    xxx, Lara


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