Out of the Blue

2:13 AM

Last August 25, 2012, I attended Eena's debut at Light of Love. 
Rave and Glam was her theme. 
At first, the dress code was that we are not allowed to wear something blue and black. 
That was challenge for me because: 
First, black is the safest thing to wear when going to parties.
Second, I only have blue party dresses that I have not worn yet in my closet.
And last, I don't have time to shop for a new dress due to my schedule.
Good thing that she changed the dress code! Instead of blue she changed it to purple. Way to go, Eena!
Very good decision. Haha!
Actually, my first pick on this event was to wear something silver or something shining and shimmering. Hahaha!

I don't know why the color Blue is so enticing to wear nowadays.

Thanks to Janela for taking the first three photos. :)

What do you think about my look? Is it a Yay? Or a Nay? :) 
Comments are always loved. :)

I had my mum's helper add up a little spice on my blue dress. I asked her to put some sequins and beads on it. :)

The combination of blue and pink never gets old. Always a perfect match. :)

My mum really likes taking close-up pictures of me. 

This is such a cool photo! Hahaha. 

What I wore: Blue Dress | Statement Necklace | Pink Wedge | Bundled Bracelet

Happy long weekend again everyone! :) Hope you made the best out of it because I did. Hehehe.
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xx, Edda.

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