Monday, October 27, 2014

5 Things that I am Currently Happy About

I am having pre-birthday blues for the reason that I will bid my teenage years goodbye in less than two months. Gosh, I feel old just by thinking of it. Honestly, I feel sad and happy at the same time, sad because it seems like there are more things that I haven't experience during my teenage years but on the other hand, it makes me happy that there will be a new chapter in my life and with all hopes, I will get to do all the things that I missed during those years. This is one of my ways of fighting those blues, btw. By blogging! :)

1. Books.
I confess. I am a certified bookworm. I usually read about YA novels and fictional romantic books. When I read, I make sure that I get succumbed with the story by relating real life situations with it.

2. Family & MC.
Need I say more? All I can say is that they are the ones who keep me going. 

3. Blogging.
That is why I revamped my blog. Noticed the new name of it? :)

Ahhhh, my beloved organization. All the hustle and bustle of organizing events for the Thomasian Marketers is priceless. This will be one of things that I will surely miss when I graduate (fingers-crossed).

5. Thesis.
Yes, it's making me happy knowing that I am suffering now. Haha! It's a proof of my hardwork in school. I may not be excelling academically but I also don't want average grades. So, my thesis is something that I will be proud of someday (actually I am proud of it now).

And that's about it... I have two quizzes tomorrow and I haven't started on anything so, bye for now! Here's a sneak peek of what my next post is about. 

P.S. Don't forget to share to me what makes you happy by commenting below. I would love to read about them too. :)

xx, Edda
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