Thursday, September 10, 2015


Wow, how I missed the sound my keyboard makes whenever I type. Hi there netizens! Here I am again wanting to share to you what is up with me lately and I hope as you continue to read my ramblings you won't judge me. Now, let's start, shall we? (Ghaaad, I really missed this)

As I have told you in my past blogs that the A.Y. 2014-105 was my last year at the University of Santo Tomas *sobs*. I truly had a blast in my 4 year stay there especially in my senior year. I was able to exemplify excellence in my own little way. I was EVP for Corporate Communications at the UST Junior Marketing Association, the home organization of all the Marketing major students in UST. I will not dig deep into this part but I want you all to know that joining an organization is more than just leading your constituents. It is about being a role model to everyone including yourself, pushing yourself to the limits and always telling yourself that if you think of something you have to give your best and everything in order to achieve it. Of course, I am a student first before I am a leader. Managing my time efficiently and effectively was always a challenge up until now but it is a challenge that I enjoy the most because I am an OC person! I write everything in my planner/diary and I always make sure that I accomplished my to do list checkbox before the day ends. I thought Senior year was supposed to be the chillest part of college but no. It wasn't. It was dreadful working on studies, org, family, love life and everything in between at once. Even though I don't have grades fit for a latin awardee I still don't settle for average grades and for that my parents are always proud of how hard I work and they expect a lot from me. And hell yeah, I survived college! Last June 02, 2015, I am officially a graduate of BSBA Major in Marketing Management. Hooray! :) Sharing with you my graduation photo even though I look awful in it. 
Iglesia, Edda Chrisjo P [BSBA-MM] T 11R

I was always the girl who plans everything ahead. Before I even graduate I already applied for jobs and went to interviews. That's how I am or was or still am (i think so). I have already envisioned myself after graduation with a job that I love, helping my parents, travelling, buying all the things that I want and saving for the future. But I guess life is always there to stir things up, right? Two months before I graduated I found out that I am pregnant and my initial thought was my life is crumbling down. I cried so hard. I didn't know what to do. I am not ready for this. I was depressed for four months. The first two months was because I couldn't handle the stress of school, org, and the disappointment of my parents while the latter, I was having problems with my boyfriend. How was I able to conquer them all? I PRAYED. My baby has led me closer to God. They made me realize that everything is happening for a reason and all will be okay eventually. I read bible verses to ease my depression and I was able to see my worth and God's plan for me again. I love you Lord. Thank you for everything. I may not understand what You are doing but I know that Your plan for me is greater than what I have planned for myself and for that I am truly grateful. 

This is a photo of my ultrasound taken last August 15, 2015. We're having a boy and we decided to name him Maven Ezequias. For those who are wondering where we got the name, Maven is from the book Red Queen. He's a prince there but he's not the protagonist. While we got Ezequias when we were searching for names with biblical meaning. Ezequias means "God provides strength" and we thought that it fits him perfectly. He is truly a God-given strength. He's my little bundle of joy even though he's still inside me. Btw, I'll give birth to him somewhere in December. 4 months to go and I am definitely excited to see my little angel.

Here's another pasabog lol, my boyfriend for 7 years and I got married last August 08, 2015. We're still patching things up and learning what marriage is all about but we're good now. I think even better. It's not always happy. We make mistakes. We hurt each other. But we promised each other that we will do everything we can for our love to work and be wonderful parents to baby Zequi. 

I am running out of words and it's time for dinner. Baby Z is already kicking me. Haha! I hope you were able to pick up something good with what I have shared to you. Thank you for reading! :)

Love, E.